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Virtual Happy Hours: The Key Ingredients for a Good Time

By on April 23rd, 2020

During this time, it’s more important than ever that companies do what they can to facilitate meaningful connections in the workplace. From fostering more effective communication to generating a deeper appreciation for one another’s eccentricities, getting to know your coworkers on a personal, not-just-work level has true benefits.

Although some companies, like San Francisco-based Handshake, have been doing virtual happy hours for weeks now, some of us are just catching on.

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Where the Telecom Industry Is Headed

By on April 9th, 2020

In the midst of this pandemic, every industry will be impacted in one way or another. Luckily, the telecom industry’s future is hopeful.

A number of factors play into this positive projection. To understand where telecom will be headed when COVID-19 passes, let’s walk through where the industry has been going in general as well as what it is facing during the pandemic.

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7 Tips for Working from Home

By on March 26th, 2020

Google and Amazon are doing it. The CDC recommends it. Working from home is essential in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

You may experience a few temptations when working remotely. For many of us, it becomes too easy to work extended hours. Others lose all motivation to change from their PJs or reach for snacks constantly. Whatever your weakness, we all have them. Luckily, experience lends us some tried-and-true best practices for working from home.

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HNM Systems CEO Heather Moyer Finalist for SDBJ’s Next Top Business Leaders Under 40

By on August 13th, 2018

Heather Moyer, CEO, President and Founder of HNM Systems

Heather Moyer, HNM Systems’ CEO, President and Founder, is a finalist in the San Diego Business Journal’s 2018 Next Top Business Leaders Under 40.

The award honors young leaders, change makers and innovators who have had a positive impact on the San Diego community.

Heather entered the staffing field at the age of 20 while pursuing her bachelor’s degree in business administration at San Diego State University. Within five years, she was appointed president of a local staffing firm. Under her leadership, the company grew more than 500 percent.  By the time she was 26, Heather developed an entrepreneurial itch, which lead her to found HNM Systems in 2011.

When creating HNM Systems, Heather chose to focus on the wireless industry, which she believed was underserved. Since its foundation in 2011, HNM Systems has employed more than 500 consultants, empowering them to take calculated risks and achieve their career goals.

Heather has helped HNM Systems flourish by doubling the company’s full-time staff and growing revenue by 85 percent in 2017. She also recently launched the Emerging Technologies division at HNM Systems.

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