Candidate Referrals


HNM Systems understands that you have many choices when choosing to work with a staffing firm and we appreciate your continued support. That’s why we have created a Referral Program to reward those who take the time to refer their colleagues and/or friends. When you refer a candidate to HNM Systems, you will be eligible to receive a referral bonus of up to $500.


Job Candidate Referrals:

  • Check out a list of our open jobs HERE.
  • If your candidate referral is placed in a position by HNM Systems within 6 months of your referral, you will receive a referral bonus of up to $500.
  • The candidate must formally communicate that they were referred by you so that it is documented in our system.



  • You do not have to be an HNM Systems employee in order to participate.
  • To qualify, you must have a personal or business relationship with the candidate you are referring.
  • There is no cap on how many referrals you are paid for. Bonus will be paid to the first person who referred the lead.


How you get paid:

  • Up to $500 referral will be paid out when a candidate completes their first 30 days (184 hours) of contract employment or direct hire guarantee.
  • Referral bonus will be paid at the end of the following month after the employee has completed their: First 30 days for Candidate Referrals; or Direct Hire guarantee.
  • The Referral Bonus amount is dependent on the experience level and skills of the placed employee.


HNM Systems does not guarantee employment to any individual and reserves the right to deny bonus payments to any individual who engages in inappropriate conduct related to this program. HNM System’s Referral Program is subject to change at any time.


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