Evolving HNM Systems Expands to Emerging Tech

By on July 19th, 2018

In this world of constant innovation, technology evolves to match needs and changes in the world around it. Being a firm that brings world-class talent acquisition practices to the Technology and Telecommunications space, we too must evolve as emerging technology changes.

Since its founding in 2011, HNM Systems has used its people-centric values to deliver the highest caliber of candidates to our customers in wireless, wireline and utility. Our commitment to bringing unique technology and high impact performers together will continue with the evolution of our mission and core values.  Its important to us, here at HNM Systems, that your experience is representative of the core values in which we based the organization.  We will continue being relentlessly people-driven and having transparent relationships to transform our customer experience.

Valuing the importance of seizing opportunities, we have expanded over the last two years into staffing for the emerging technology space. Our new Emerging Technologies division provides high quality professional employer and placement services for organizations within Cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS), Mobile, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing (SEM, SEO and Paid Media) verticals. Our proprietary process and people-driven approach allows us to identify and place top performers on contract or for permanent placement within these sectors. 

Our vision for the Emerging Technology division is that it will work alongside our Telecommunications division, seamlessly becoming a part of our service offerings and your team.   

Learn more about how HNM Systems is evolving below.

New Mission Statement

As a part of our brand evolution, we have rewritten our mission statements to match our people-driven, innovative values and have modified them to fit with our two departments: Telecommunications and Emerging Technologies.

“We lead the Information Communication Technology (ICT) industry with our innovative methodology and people-driven approach to transform mobile communication.”

“We lead the Emerging Technology staffing industry with our innovative methodology and people-driven approach to transform customer experience.”

Our new mission statement emphasizes the people-driven, outcome-oriented, transformative experience we give our clients.

New Core Values

All of HNM System’s work is based on our five core values, which are

  • Relentlessly People Driven – We constantly make decisions with others in mind.
  • Progressively Agile – We focus on the outcome, not the process.
  • Seize the Opportunity – We look for opportunities, even in the greatest challenge.
  • Transparent Relationships – We strive for authenticity, not perfection.
  • Be Home Base – We are a safe place.

HNM Systems incorporates these values into all of its work. All of HNM Systems’ decisions are made while thinking about the decision’s impact on others. When working with companies, we are agile, working toward the best outcome while seizing any opportunities we see, especially those that we find challenging. We strive for authentic relationships and aim to be a safe place for our employees and other companies.

What is the Emerging Technology division?

The Emerging Technology division provides high quality professional employer and placement services for organizations within Cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS), Mobile, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing (SEM, SEO and Paid Media) verticals.

Some of our Emerging Technology projects have included working with a multi-billion SaaS technology-based industry leader that builds and creates comprehensive automotive software systems and providing digital staffing services for SEM, SEO and Paid Media consultants who used their expertise to provide tailored digital advertising services to one of the leading digital agencies in California.

Learn more about what our Emerging Technology division can do for your company here.

New Logo

As the inner parts of HNM Systems evolves, it is only natural for us to develop a new look that incorporates our values and new division. At its core, the updated logo is a visual representation of team building – two halves becoming a whole. The dramatic angles in the mark communicate electricity and mimic the kind of energy and innovation HNM Systems brings to the industry. Our colors are rooted in the technological field, but are slightly warmer and muted to reflect the human element that is fundamental to our brand.


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