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HNM Systems Gives Back 2018

By on December 15th, 2018

We at HNM Systems are proud of our contributions to the community this past year, including packing food for 80 families, and walking miles upon miles through participation in the Arthritis Foundation Walk to Cure Arthritis and the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, among others. We thank you for your support in helping us do what drives us, being “Relentlessly People Driven.” Please watch this video to see us in action!




How to Improve Recruitment in the Technology Industry

By on October 31st, 2018

As a hiring manager in the technology industry, you often receive hundreds of candidates with fancy degrees, prestige and skill keywords, yet the hardest part is finding the most qualified candidate.

As a manager, you focus on finding someone with the right skills, culture fit, future performance and retention, which can be hard to find on a resume. Recruiters and hiring managers are hiring out of the box, they are looking at things such as ability and skill set. We are now analyzing analytics to find out who would be the best hire.

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4 Tips for Hiring the Right Candidate

By on October 9th, 2018

After you identify the true mission, outcome and core competencies of the role you are hiring for, it is key to hiring the right candidate for the job to develop a consistent interview process. Methodical interviewing helps you acquire important background information that may reveal behavioral patterns you might need to coach and manage through.  

We drew from our experience in recruiting short- and long-term employees across industries to gather these four suggestions to help you identify the right person for your team.

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4 Ways Data Analytics Will Change in 2019

By on September 28th, 2018

Data analytics has played a key role in business management and continuous improvement in recent years. We’ve already discussed 10 Ways Data Analytics Can Improve Your Company, so now let’s talk about how data analytics will change in the coming year.

“Analytics has become a great way of finding the best talent and improving recruitment and hiring processes,” said HNM Systems Managing Director Kristin Schaer. “We are now able to find great candidates using new tools such as behavioral and cognitive assessments and interview results. By analyzing the behavioral drives of employees and organizations we can find the factors of behavior and why employees stay or leave an organization.”

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How Will the 2019 Technology Landscape Look?

By on September 18th, 2018

It’s crazy to think that 2019 is only a few months away, but it’s time to start preparing for what the technological landscape will be like.

By 2019, it is expected for there to be more than 24.4 billion devices and connections around the world. In 2014, there were only 14.2 billion devices. With this large increase, more people will be have the ability to stay connected at their fingertips.

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HNM Systems CEO Heather Moyer Finalist for SDBJ’s Next Top Business Leaders Under 40

By on August 13th, 2018

Heather Moyer, CEO, President and Founder of HNM Systems

Heather Moyer, HNM Systems’ CEO, President and Founder, is a finalist in the San Diego Business Journal’s 2018 Next Top Business Leaders Under 40.

The award honors young leaders, change makers and innovators who have had a positive impact on the San Diego community.

Heather entered the staffing field at the age of 20 while pursuing her bachelor’s degree in business administration at San Diego State University. Within five years, she was appointed president of a local staffing firm. Under her leadership, the company grew more than 500 percent.  By the time she was 26, Heather developed an entrepreneurial itch, which lead her to found HNM Systems in 2011.

When creating HNM Systems, Heather chose to focus on the wireless industry, which she believed was underserved. Since its foundation in 2011, HNM Systems has employed more than 500 consultants, empowering them to take calculated risks and achieve their career goals.

Heather has helped HNM Systems flourish by doubling the company’s full-time staff and growing revenue by 85 percent in 2017. She also recently launched the Emerging Technologies division at HNM Systems.

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10 Ways Data Analytics Can Improve Your Company

By on July 21st, 2018

Data is everywhere now and companies are constantly trying to leverage themselves using data. With every website you visit, every search you make on Google and every post you make on social media, you are producing data that is used by a variety of companies in efforts to improve and create targeted marketing. The data trend, however, goes beyond marketing to clients and can be used during your company’s hiring process.

Here are 10 ways data can help your company with hiring.

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Evolving HNM Systems Expands to Emerging Tech

By on July 19th, 2018

In this world of constant innovation, technology evolves to match needs and changes in the world around it. Being a firm that brings world-class talent acquisition practices to the Technology and Telecommunications space, we too must evolve as technology changes.

Since its founding in 2011, HNM Systems has used its people-centric values to deliver the highest caliber of candidates to our customers in wireless, wireline and utility. Our commitment to bringing unique technology and high impact performers together will continue with the evolution of our mission and core values.  Its important to us, here at HNM Systems, that your experience is representative of the core values in which we based the organization.  We will continue being relentlessly people-driven and having transparent relationships to transform our customer experience.

Valuing the importance of seizing opportunities, we have expanded over the last two years into staffing for the emerging technologies space. Our new Emerging Technologies division provides high quality professional employer and placement services for organizations within Cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS), Mobile, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing (SEM, SEO and Paid Media) verticals. Our proprietary process and people-driven approach allows us to identify and place top performers on contract or for permanent placement within these sectors. 

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