Our leadership team has over 40 years of combined technical staffing experience

Our Core Values

All of HNM System’s work is based on our five core values, which are

  • Relentlessly People Driven – We constantly make decisions with others in mind.
  • Progressively Agile – We focus on the outcome, not the process.
  • Seize the Opportunity – We look for opportunities, even in the greatest challenge.
  • Transparent Relationships – We strive for authenticity, not perfection.
  • Be Home Base – We are a safe place.

HNM Systems incorporates these values into all of its work. All of HNM Systems’ decisions are made while thinking about the decision’s impact on others. When working with companies, we are agile, working toward the best outcome while seizing any opportunities we see, especially those that we find challenging. We strive for authentic relationships and aim to be a safe place for our employees and other companies.


As an HNM employee, you’ll enjoy continuity in your career, even while exploring the many paths available in the telecommunications space. Professional guidance from a leadership team with over thirty years’ experience can empower you take calculated risks to achieve your career goals. And while you’re doing what you do best, we’ll keep tabs on your benefits, paychecks, and business travel.

At HNM, we like to think of ourselves as part talent agent, part personal assistant, and part parent (not the meddling kind!). In other words, we watch out for our own and will do whatever we can to smooth out the bumps on your career path. At HNM, we’re with you every step of the way.